Developing people is my purpose.

I’ve made it my mission to guide women to take ownership of their world of work from the inside out. In particular, I help women bring awareness to their potential limiting behaviours. The behaviours holding them back from being the person their most capable of being (at work, in life).

How do I do this?

  • I successfully merge over two decades of corporate experience – managing billions of dollars – with my skills, knowledge and experience as a certified coach, trainer and workshop facilitator (a powerful combination).
  • I use evidence-based strategies and that means my coaching style is informed by scientific knowledge (super important to me and I’m certain to you).
  • I’m known for my ability to clearly communicate the why and how in a way that empowers women to navigate and implement positive change.

What’s Different About Me?

My three key character strengths are honesty, a love of learning and self-regulation. Here’s why I believe they’re important for you:

  • Strength #1 – Honesty

Running a one-hour workshop means I have a very small window of opportunity to build rapport with a group.

This character strength allows people to see me as genuine, down to earth, unpretentious and truthful.

It makes me a “real” person and it’s what helps me reach instant engagement.

  • Strength #2 – Love of Learning

My love of learning means I’m never satisfied with a shallow understanding of topics. I’m always seeking opportunities to gain a deeper base of knowledge.

This assures you that I’m on the front foot when it comes to delivering a session based on the latest coaching insights.

  • Strength #3 – Self-regulation

This means I have the ability to exercise discipline and control over my thoughts, emotions, impulses, performance and behaviors.

This is critical for a coach because it allows the space for the client experience and the client’s experience only.

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